Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Holidaze 2014!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas
and a Happy Holiday Season!

I hope you make it a little spicy!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Vacation Day In The Woods

Today I took a vacation day and experienced my first hunting adventure. Sitting quietly in the woods for hours gives you plenty of time to think, and think and think (and take a selfie or two).

I learned quite a bit while in the woods about hunting and myself:
  • Multiple layers are good and Cabela's long john's definitely do the job at keeping you warm. However, I tend to look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man when I hit triple layers.
  • There are so many different types of birds and because of my year's working with the Columbus Metro Parks I can identify a decent amount of them.
  • After hours pass by starring out into the woods it becomes like a desert oasis. Tree branches begin to look like a rack on a buck and distant tree stumps can look like a doe.
  • When you hear a rifle shot on the adjacent property it can be both deflating and hopeful.
  • Hunters are extremely patient people, extremely patient! But, I am way more patient than I give myself credit for.
  • A bearded man in camo is ruggedly handsome.

  • Don't move and stay behind the rifle!
  • Cabela's definitely knows how to use branding to their benefit. Although the camouflage is so good you almost miss seeing their logo.
  • Hunting makes you hungry. So after a day of hunting, leftover coffee in a thermos and some beef jerky taste delicious.
  • The shower and teeth brushing you take after a hunt makes you feel cleaner than you have ever felt before.
  • But most of all I love the outdoors and appreciate how beautiful it is even on a cold late-fall day.

Monday, November 10, 2014

WLN Casino Night THIS Friday - Tickets Still Available

Join the United Way of Delaware County Women's Leadership Network this Friday, November 14th for their annual fundraiser, Casino Night.

In February 2012 the United Way of Delaware County officially launched the Women's Leadership Network.  WLN members invest financial resources, time and talent in programs that build self-confidence and social success in individuals and families that live in Delaware County. Since 2012, WLN has invested more than $176,000 in local Delaware County programs:

Thank Goodness I’m Female (anti-bullying program)
Moms Offering Mentoring Support (MOMS) (Mentoring at-risk teen moms)
Imagination Library (early childhood literacy program)
Family Promise (homeless program)
Common Ground Free Store
Salvation Army (anti-human trafficking program)
Support Through Empowerment and Partnerships (Bridges Out of Poverty)
Turning Point (Domestic Violence Shelter)
Girl Scouts (Power Up)
Big Brothers Big Sisters (Leadership Camp)
Delaware County Hunger Alliance
Supplies for Scholars (WLN Back to School Event)
United Way of Delaware County Community Fund

With continued gifts of both time and money, the WLN hopes to collectively raise awareness about critical issues in the Delaware County community while investing monetary gifts and talents in programs and services that are truly inspiring change and transformation in the lives of Delaware County residents.

Casino Night tickets are still available - purchase tickets here. Come have fun and support a great cause that will help programs right here in our community.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coming to the Polaris Fashion Place

The newest United Way of Delaware County Women's Leadership Network banner 
to be hung at the Polaris Fashion Place. 
Recognize anyone?

Live in Delaware County and want to learn more about the WLN? 
Check out the website here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Columbus Dispatch Social Strategy Exceeding Goal Three Months Ahead of Schedule

At the end of January I was hired by The Columbus Dispatch to assist with their Facebook social strategy. I was charged with taking their over 30,000 likes to a benchmark year-end goal of 60,000 likes and boosting weekly engagement levels.

This week the Columbus Dispatch Facebook page exceeded the year-end 60,000 like goal ahead of schedule by almost three months. Currently they are at 60,176 and counting!

As for engagement/reach the Columbus Dispatch continues to increase its reach monthly with a combination of organic posts, boost posts and ads.

This successful combination of story strategy, boost strategy and advertising strategy has delivered a successful goal-exceeding campaign and one very happy client!