Friday, February 15, 2008

Fusion Marketing

What does this mean?

Collaborating with an establishment or business that shares a similar target market yet doesn't compete with you. Sending traffic to one another could take your business to levels you never thought possible.

Check out this cross promotion. "Jumper" movie trailer and Serena Williams HP spot. (Pause the tunes and hit play on the video).

Does this work? Is it clear what is being promoted? Confusing? Cool? Thoughts?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"its interesting"
(My husband's thoughts about the collaboration)

As for someone who loves this site and happens to be a self proclaimed marcomm wizard...
I think it's brilliant because not only does it catch the viewers attention, but you want to see it again in order to fully catch what is going on. I would imagine it has gotten a lot of hits the web. Also, in the DVR/ TIVO world, it is important to catch the viewers attention quickly... giving the opportunity to two brands is genius. On the other hand, the concept would lose it's luster after a few times.