Monday, February 18, 2008

Can You See The Resemblance?

Since we're talking cosmetic industry, I think it's time for another edition of . . . "Can you See The Resemblance?"

Both these ladies are fashion icons and have used their flawless faces to promote the make-up industry.

What do you think? Separated at birth? Wait, have you ever seen them together - could they be the same person? Yes, no, maybe?

Shakira and Beyonce. You be the judge.


Leeny! said...

Actually, yes I have seen them together and so have you.
Let me know if this is familiar....

My humble opinion... I love Shakira and I'm not really a fan of Beyonce. I just think Shankira is unique and her voice cannot be duplicated. Y me gusta las latinas!

Anonymous said...

Not too many close ups together in that video - I think it's all smoke and mirrors and some new computer technique.

Did you see the Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version)? There aren't two Lindsay Lohans but there are in the movie.

I rest my case! :)