Monday, February 18, 2008

Case Study - Fusion Marketing

How can you make fusion marketing work for you? Here is an example.

Scenario: A new bread company opens up in a well-to-do suburban area. How can they make their awareness splash in the community ultimately driving traffic to their establishment?

Step 1: Survey the area. Begin looking at other businesses in the area. Are there any nearby businesses that serve the same type of consumer?

Step 2: Partnering with those local businesses. Invite local business owners to an invitation only exclusive bread tasting party. Make your best breads and introduce yourself while offering to collaborate.

Step 3: Create a plan. Once you have found a collaborator create a unique hook. Say your partner is the local coffee cafe. . .
  • Plan a grand opening promotion where you sell bread served with the coffee cafe's flavor of the day for a special package price.
  • Share mailing lists to notify customers and maximize your exposure.
  • Create promotional fliers for both establishments to pre-sell the grand opening

Step 4: Continue the partnership. After the grand opening promotion is complete continue driving traffic to each other's businesses. Use coupons placed in each others establishments as a way to cross promote creating a win-win for everyone!

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