Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Did you get my MYSPACE bulletin?

There is a lot of talk about social network sites and how useful they are for marketing purposes. So, tonight I will perform an experiment on a small scale to see how many visitors I can drive to the imPRessions blog site by sending a bulletin from my myspace page.

So, if you linked to this site from my myspace page, PLEASE make a comment below- you can leave your name or be anonymous, either one is fine.


Colleen (or Coley)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ladies-Saw your site, very cool! Good Luck! Lindsay

Anonymous said...

I am here, and I'm not leaving my name. You should do a "do you see the resemblance?" of me and Joey Lawrence!!!!! WHOA! (you have my permission to use my senior picture)


Anonymous said...

Love the site! I was here. -- Lauren Flood

nhsphoto said...

ok, so i'm about 2 weeks late, but i'm here. love the site. you should let me take some photos of you two for the blog next time i'm in town. meh?

Anonymous said...

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