Friday, February 29, 2008

NonProfits and Strategic Branding ~ Creating a Continual Cycle

Look at your brand, what do you see? It runs much deeper than your logo. What is your identity, what are your values? After you have established your brand touchpoints your next step is to define your target audience. Where do they live? What's in their communities? What are their passion points? How can you reach out and make a personal connection? That's strategic branding.

Many nonprofits are so focused on delivering excellent programs and services that their branding and marketing efforts get left behind. Nowadays, you must exhibit strong marketing and PR processes to standout from all the others.

By using community engagement marketing you connect with your target audience in their own backyard. By creating a community focused mission experience they can make a difference in their own backyard. Everyone wants their communities to be incredible places to live. In turn they will willingly invite others to participate, starting a continual cycle. Follow this cycle and just like a paddle wheel it will keep turning and turning.

Key messaging, visual imaging, consistent delivery, an impressive and informative web site and word of mouth are all components of brand strategy and become vital in achieving brand success.