Friday, February 8, 2008

Street corner marketing

You've seen them on streetcorners . . .

Dancing bears promoting a month's free rent, Uncle Sam reminding you it's tax time so you should make a visit to the strip mall tax accountants, or the people hiding behind the signs of the furniture store close out (for some reason it always seems to be in the freezing cold or driving rain).

There is a growing trend in advertising and they're not just standing there. Often they are dancing, waving, spinning, whatever they have to do to get your attention. Introducing the newest streetcorner marketing (drum roll please) . . .
Streetcorner sign spinning
As they stand on street corners with a sign to advertise a business, they toss, twirl and maneuver the cardboard like a baton to entertain and catch the eye of people who walk or drive by their performance. I do have to admit that sometimes when I'm sitting at a red light it can be an entertaining diverson for a few seconds.

But is this type of advertising really working? Some advertising company's are raking in the bucks. We'd love to hear your comments on this.

Tip: The next time you are waiting at a red light be on the lookout for flying cardboard and be prepared to duck.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

I have heard of viral marketing but standing out in the cold and rain will cause pneumonia marketing!

I wonder how much they pay these people?