Monday, March 3, 2008

Back to Nonprofits for a moment... The Importance of PR

Nonprofits have a huge advantage over the for-profit world... the heart. And mass media is hungry for these types of stories, especially when it is a high school or corporation getting involved with a heartwarming cause. Pitching stories to the media and promoting a call to action are the key to capitalizing on this nonprofit advantage. Anyone can tell the story of a group of teens who are raising funds to help a friend who is battling cancer. But encouraging the public to become involved and rally around the cause is the next step in the strategy, and it is often forgotten. The campaign should not end there... by fusing public relations and marketing, awareness is raised and the community is flooded with support for the family and the young philanthropists. Nearby corporations should be inspired, elementary, middle and high schoolers, local businesses like coffee shops and restaurants should be researched and approached. This process is involved and most nonprofits do not have the resources or time to take advantage of the possibilities. But, just like every business, it is crucial to make an imPRession when the public is listening.

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