Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Branding a presidential candidate ~ Obama's logo

Today is primary day in Ohio. A big day for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Looking at the two democratic candidates we noticed that Obama created a logo for himself. The icon, is prominently displayed on his campaign web site, featured on t-shirts, buttons, yard signs and bumper stickers. Will this visual image help with his national recognition? Will it make a difference for voters?Who created the logo and what is it supposed to mean?

A team of Chicago graphic designers at Sender LLC gave Barack Obama’s campaign its signature look. The meaning - the “O” of his name has a rising sun inside symbolizing a new day. Apparently, the sun rising over the horizon evokes a new sense of hope. Professionals think the shape and color of the logo signals by design that Obama has a different message and wants to forge a different type of connection with the voters.

The question is . . . has it struck a connection with Ohio?


nhsphoto said...

i saw a funny version of this logo on a bumper sticker just yesterday. it said "mormons for obama". funny for so many reasons. i think there need to be more "mormons for..." stickers.

Anonymous said...

How about Momma's for Obama.

Anonymous said...

or llamas for obama.