Thursday, March 6, 2008

Capitalizing on our Canines

Colleen is right - dogs are a HUGE passion point. So many people treat their dogs incredibly well, like their children. They really are part of the family!!

The market is booming with many doggy boutiques where you can buy anything from apparel, to treats, to the best bling any dog could want. Worthington, Ohio based Moochie and Co. has thought of everything to pimp out your pooch! But not only are they making a profit on their products at their various stores in the Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Michigan and Indianapolis areas they also give back and support local rescue groups, shelters, and animal organizations through monetary donations, in-kind contributions, volunteerism, as well as welcoming these groups into their stores.

Our hats go off to this wonderful company for providing us with products to spoil our furry children as well as for helping our local four-legged friends!

Here's my puppness extraordinaire - Cora. I told her she was going to be famous and to get ready to share her pawtograph with the world!

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