Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Colleen's Passion Point.... STEVIE

I don't carry him around when I am shopping at Fendi, socializing at charity events, or walking down the red carpet, but I do have to say, Stevie, my chihuahua is the love of my life (my husband isn't into blogging- he'll never know that he's my #2). If I hear someone mention a chihuauhua on tv, see a "wittle guy" on a walk, or meet someone who shares my affinity for the breed, my ears perk and I am immediately interested. It is embarrassing, but it is a perfect demonstration of a common marketing buzz word... "passion point." Sports, art, music and animals are a few common examples associated with the phrase. Camping, beer drinking, relaxing with friends may also be passion points. Side note- those things were also captured in this photo with Stevie (but cropped out).

What are your passion points? How can they be used in the marketing world?


Anonymous said...

got me thinking about my passion points...with a "wittle guy" on the way (baby, not chihuahua), I have become very in touch with my 'green' side. While no expert, I am becoming more and more aware of how I can balance all-da-crap necessary for baby while remaining environmentally conscious. I guess you could say 'green' is one of my passion points, so I was grateful to see your passion wearing green! So what if it isn't made of 100% recylcled goods, at least he is making a statement with the color-of-life!

nhsphoto said...

ali... does that mean you are going to use cloth diapers?