Monday, March 24, 2008

Free products for celebs to endorse your brand

Reading Sunday's Columbus Dispatch I came across an interesting article that was all too familiar. It wasn't the actual product or brand that was familiar, it was the story that was familiar. Apparently the hottest product for celebrity moms is custom hangers. The hangers have many different collections and are made of various types of wood, fabric or plastic. They can be personalized with the children's names, monograms, or whatever they'd like them to say -

Being a fashionista, celeb and new mom Jennifer Lopez found this company and purchased 10,000 wooden hangers customized for her babies - 5,00 pink with a heart for Emme and 5,000 blue with a circle for Max. But instead of having this celebrity icon pay the bill, the company didn't charge her the $3,220. Instead, they gave her these hangers for free as a special gift.

Why would this company give their product away to someone who could obviously pay for this product plus a whole lot more? It seems so many company's just give celebrities free items. Take an award show for example: look at the red carpet - free designer dresses, free jewels. What about the award show presenter bags - free electronics, free vacation destinations and so much more free products. Why? Celebs make so much they could easily pay for the product. Why give it to them for free?

Can you say "celebrity endorsement". By giving JLo these hangers the world will notice. New moms will order hangers to have something just like Jennifer Lopez and her twins. The orders will come flying in and the company will make millions - at least that is their hope. Pretty smart advertising for just $3,200.

Others celebrities have also ordered special hangers for their little ones, Christina Aguilera, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Tori Spelling and County Cox Arquette. I wonder if they had to pay for their hangers.

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Colleen said...

the hanger company should charge JLo, but match her purchase and give hangers to a mother of twins who can't afford these types of accessories. a unique story like that would warm the hearts of new moms rather than make them nauseous over the pathetic endorsement attempt!

-PR Wizard