Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Get on the Brandwagon!

Columbus, Ohio might not have the Hollywood clout behind it to create buzz brands like Lost and American Idol but we do have a town that creates some great brands who actually make some noise of their own.

Take for instance . . .

Elmer's Glue - Did you know Elmer's was headquartered in Columbus, Ohio? It actually started in 1947 under the Borden® brand. Sixty years later this incredible company has supplied glue to students of all ages.

The Limited Brands - Bath & Body Works, C.O. Biglow, Victoria Secret, Pink, Henri Bendel, the White Barn Candle company are all incredibly strong and much talked about brands that appeal to and literally shape women.

Cameron Mitchell's Restaurants - Years ago Cameron's was one contemporary tasty bistro. This has exploded into seven other restaurant brands from Asian, to Seafood to Italian to Steakhouse. This much talked about brand is one of the most popular restaurant groups not only in Columbus, Ohio but in cities across four other states.

How can your company jump on this type of brandwagon? The three brands mentioned are not just an image but a lifestyle, the value in which they live, it is incorporated into every facet of their business. I think the following posting from the Cameron Mitchell Restaurant site says it all (especially the 4th sentence). . .

"We work hard. We love what we do. That often makes people say nice things about us. We desire to be “great people delivering genuine hospitality” at each of our restaurant locations. We are proud to have made “Raving Fans” of our associates, guests and the communities in which we do business.

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