Monday, March 10, 2008

Interactive brand site that makes a positive impact

Created Super Bowl Sunday two years ago and still going strong, Dove has come up with an incredible ad campaign - no, actually a culture of fostering self esteem campaign. I remember seeing the ad and it striking a cord. Having a tween age daughter at the time I took notice, felt a connection and was inspired to make a difference. I began purchasing Dove as my "soap of choice" then moved on to shampoos and lotions.

Two years later I still find myself very interested. Visiting I discovered many positive attributes and values of this company. Dove wants to make a real change in the way women and young girls perceive and embrace beauty. To break the beauty stereotypes. Their campaign web site is very interactive giving both girls and mothers/mentors many options for involvement.

At the Girls Only Self Esteem Zone I found numerous ways girls can learn how to feel about their natural beauty and body and not to be swayed by how the media and society think they should look. Looking through the eyes of a 13-year-old, I took the image manipulation quiz and was surprised how wrong I was on so many photos. I was also amazed at the ways photos are enhanced. Try it out and see how you rate. I bet you'd be surprised too.

Looking at the moms & mentors section I was amazed by the resources in fostering healthy self esteem. This got me charged up to not only by more Dove product, but to get involved. Dove wants to reach 5 million young people by the year 2010 and to date 1,166,000+ have been touched. Donations made through the Girls Scouts Uniquely Me and awareness through Step Up Women's Network are a couple ways they are receiving assistance in reaching their goal.

I too will make a difference as this is another one of my passion points. One that I believe will make a huge, needed change in this world. I will also keep buying my Dove product. Kudos to such a great company!

If you would like to support this worthy cause and make a difference for the women of our future visit


iulian zaharia said...

nice blog. google should create a worldwide network of blogs all in the same language, so people interested in strategic planning, like you and me, can read eachothers blogs and exchange ideas. nice blog, anyway

imPRessions said...

Thanks for the compliment on the blog! We just added the google translator. Hopefully that will help a little for our friends around the world!