Monday, March 17, 2008

LOST & American Idol... Need I say more?

If the image on the right got your attention, then you are a member of the same cult I am.  If you are annoyed by the image and all the conversation that comes with it, then you know how I feel about American Idol.  These two shows are constantly talked about and it can make you feel like the 5th person at a euchre game if you are not a loyal follower.  

They are talked about in every office, on blogs,  "unofficial" fan sites, and they have turned some ordinary people into fanatics.   Lost and American Idol define the phrase "to create a buzz".   (Not the kind that the Guinness I am drinking creates).  When a commercial, a show, or a new brand causes people to discuss their interest, speculate about the characters, develop theories, it has no doubt created a buzz.  I can honestly say I have made friends over Lost discussions.  

What can we learn from shows like Lost and American Idol?  How do we get people talking about a brand?  

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