Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pedigree Adopt A Dog Drive

Pedigree has found a way to touch dog owners individually, rather than masses of people. It is the perfect example of a unique campaign using a powerful passion point.

The Pedigree Adopt A Dog Drive Foundation has several components but the part that made an imPRession on me is the "Million Dog Mosaic." On the Pedigree website , visitors are encouraged to upload a photo of their dog to be added to a mosaic. A code is given so that the photo can be found among all of the pictures. (My code is stevie6 feel free to check him out). The beauty is that for every dog photo that is uploaded Pedigree donates $1 to their Foundation.

This campaign is engaging for so many reasons..
I got to show off a photo of my dog, see photos of other adorable dogs, take part in helping to find homes for shelter dogs, and I got to share the opportunity with others. Looking around on the website made me want to get involved with a local shelter, buy Pedigree dog food, and donate to the cause. (Man, I am a sucker.)

And Pedigree also benefits for many reasons... aligning themselves with this cause improves their image, as web numbers increase, brand awareness increases, they are collecting email addresses of their target audience- dog lovers... to sum it up, they are drawing in new customers and pleasing them.

Can you think of any other "interactive" campaigns like this?

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