Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sports Sponsorships - linking your brand

Your 'brand personality' is what people think and feel, consciously and subconsciously, about your company's identity or product. Your 'brand image' should closely match your consumers' feelings and expectations of what the product should be like. Through sponsorships, 'brand associations' are used to build links between your product and other aspects of life.

One of the king brands in sports sponsorships is Coca-Cola. Coke proclaims a natural fit associating its brand with its consumers expectations and feelings and is aware of what is relevant in the lives of its target market, like sports. Life experiences are created around these interests.

The latest campaign - "Coke Side of Life" personally connects each consumers interests, like sports to its product. By getting involved in sporting events Coke meets its sponsorship objectives by:

Connecting with consumers in an interesting and fun way.

Creating unforgettable moments linked to Coca-Cola.

Ensuring Coca-Cola is viewed as making everyday life more interesting and fun.

Communicating the dynamic and leading attributes of the brand.

To be seen as an icon and leading brand that mentally and physically boosts consumers associations with major sporting events.

Local Columbus brands can have the same impact in their community. Consider sponsoring local sporting events. Hey, what about GOkickball Columbus - Sounds like a great idea to me!