Friday, March 7, 2008

Using pets for your brand's success

Over 43.4 billion dollars is estimated to be spent in the US on pets this year! That's up from $41.2 billion in 2007.

Pet owners have money to spend and they don't think twice about spending very generously. Yes, this is favorable for the pet industry, but other company's are jumping on the pet band wagon in order to connect to new customers.

If you want to tap into this vast group with a deep passion and a big wallet why not try these tips to enhance your brand awareness:

1. Feature pets in your ads and messages - who can resist a cute puppy
2. Create products that can intersect with pets - posh pet hotel packages are all the rage
3. Create brand extensions for pets - how about a brand specific dog sweater or collar with your brand image
4. Host a social event around a pet - dog parks are the newest hot spot for dogs and their owners. Great for word of mouth networking.

Visit the Franklin County Dog Shelter site see a listing of the Columbus Ohio area dog parks: