Monday, April 14, 2008

Crawl for Cancer- an insiders perspective

Over the weekend I participated in a fundraiser called "Crawl for Cancer, " and I have to say it was more successful than I expected. I guess there are different ways to define success, when talking about a pub crawl. It was a colorful sea of t-shirts on the young men and women who participated, and a sense of camaraderie among the crowd. It was touching to see all these twenty and thirty-somethings gathering for a philanthropic cause and just having a good time.

There was also some vomiting, some fire-jumping, and strangers making out. It was obvious that many people were drinking more than they typically do on a Saturday afternoon/ evening. It was reminiscent of OSU tailgating, and I was clearly not the only one who thought so- several confused folks were yelling out OH & IO throughout the day.

The Columbus Dispatch had an article on Sunday raising questions about the safety of the event, and I can see where some would be concerned. With the amount of beer being consumed, the night could have ended in fights, drunk driving, and all kinds of drunken mistakes. But it also could have touched the hearts of some young people who typically are not involved with charities.

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