Tuesday, April 1, 2008

GOkickball Awareness Campaign

You may have noticed that we have had several postings on the topic of GOkickball...that is because they are one of the imPRessions clients. The two young Columbus guys who run the league are busy with their primary careers and needed help making a splash before the Spring season began.

That is where we came in... to help them make an imPRession among their target: active, urban twenty and thirty-somethings.

How?...With a tight budget, we had to be creative (fortunately, creativity is our forte) but this has been a fun project and the positive results are becoming clear as registration is at an all time high...
  • Social marketing: hitting up blog sites and leaving comments, creating a myspace page and updating it with tunes, photos from previous seasons, and requesting friends.
  • Flyers: sounds old fashioned but we created some simple informative one-sheeters and the guys distributed them to some local condos and apartment complexes.
  • Print media: we sent out calendar listings to all local media and pitched the previously posted story to Columbus Alive!
  • Additional materials: We created and printed business cards, had a banner made with the GOkickball logo (to be hung at league bar) and are currently working on additional promotional products like post-it flyers.
One final shameless plug... REGISTRATION ENDS FRIDAY so spread the word, sign your team up and get ready for some childish outdoor fun! www.gokickball.com/columbus

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