Thursday, April 3, 2008


The music you've been enjoying on our site is from ReverbNation - is a Music 2.0 company that is responding to the changing music business standards. It's a social networking community for people passionate about music - artists, fans, venues, music labels and managers.

Through this community artists are able to strengthen the relationships they have with their fans. Fans are given the ability to be promoters of their favorite artists. It also gives fans, labels, venues a voice in the community as all are representatives of the entire music ecosystem. Everyone is invited to take part.

With the help of ReverbNation we have decided to do something new that we hope to refresh every month - highlight a local musician that we enjoy. We hope to introduce you to some new music you'll love.

Searching ReverbNation we found local musician Jimmy Roman. We've interviewed this insightful artist and he has shared with us his love and talent of music. Enjoy his music, he's great! Come back soon to learn more about him. We'll be posting different stories about him throughout the month.

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