Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tween Branding and Virtual Worlds

Tweens - 8-14 year olds who are a very smart, powerful and growing consumer group.

Tween's loyalty to certain brand are influencing their parent's decisions with everything from clothes, cell phones and even cars. Because tweens prefer computer games and Internet to TV, advertisers will have to become craftier when getting their message out.

Tweens love playing in the virtual world. According to a new report issued by the industry trade organization Virtual Worlds Management, there are more than 100 virtual worlds targeted at kids and or teens which are either live or in development. Disney's Club Penguin has a virtual Pirates of the Caribbean world, FlowPlay is a place where kids can create an avatar to look like them, or Whyville is where kids from all over the world can chat and play together.

More and more time is spent on these sites which makes us wonder how long it will take before advertisers begin creating "virtual" Starbucks or Abercrombie & Fitch stores. Or better yet, virtual TV stations that run their very targeted spots.

We have just posted our widget to our site. Feel free to visit or share this site with any tween who would like to express, explore and evolve in a safe and fun environment.

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