Monday, May 26, 2008

Corporate Donors may not be as giving - The Columbus Dispatch

The Dispatch has once again brought up (on the front page of Sunday's paper) a very relevant topic for columbus imPRessions... the tough times facing nonprofits when it comes to corporate giving.  With the current economic struggles (man, I am sick of saying that), corporations just don't have the dollars to give to as many charities.  It is more important than ever to stand out from the rest of the nonprofits out there.    Marketing yourself to these corporations has to be well planned.  Creating a menu of options that can be personalized is one of the most important parts of the strategy.  Presenting these options will help the corporation understand where there funds are going and how it is impacting the charity and the community overall.   Clearly marketing is becoming more and more important for nonprofits with the current economic struggles (seriously, that is the last time).  For more insight on how to help stand out, email us at  

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