Thursday, May 29, 2008

Doritos - Super Cool Interactive Site

You have to check out Doritos web site. It's a production - not a site. Very interactive with music videos, games, and their main site links into many smaller sites and promotions.

Doritos is going high tech partnering with XBOX 360 by creating a Doritos Dash of Destruction game, launched its own You Tube channel, created The Quest, an Indiana Jones type on-line contest that is a challenging way to uncover the newest Doritos flavor and team up with MTV to present a mini dating show inspired by their Spicy Sweet flavored Doritos.

Also philanthropic they add a link to one of the charities they support -

We gotta hand it to the crunchy chip for it's out of the box techno thinking and using Internet marketing to the max! Not only did we spend quite a bit of time "playing" in their site, we were craving Doritos too. Guess what is on our grocery list!

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