Saturday, May 10, 2008

Last Minute Meaningful Mother's Day Ideas

Mother's Day is tomorrow. Give a meaningful gift to your mother, grandmother, someone who has been like a mother or honor a mother who is no longer with you.

Before the day has come and gone you still have time to give a thoughtful gift that will make a difference. Give an on-line honorary or memorial tribute gift. After an extensive Internet search I found some non-profits that offer special Mother's Day giving on-line opportunities:

I was surprised at how little I found and how much I had to dig through search engines to get what I did find. In the day of technology and the Internet I'm not sure why more non-profits do not market a Mother's Day on-line campaign. Creating a campaign around such a heartfelt holiday would be easy to do and very lucrative too! Maybe they should think about it for next year. It sure would make a good imPRession!

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