Friday, May 9, 2008

Marketing Wines With Artistic Labels

Wine labels are they art, a marketing tool or both?

Wine labels have a certainly changed over the years - not only their look, but their purpose. In the early days, most labels were rectangular in shape and included only one or two colors briefly illustrating the name of the winery. With the bland design all bottles blended together on the shelf. Today, wine labels burst from the shelves standing out because of bold colors, vibrant art and torn, warped shapes.

Why has there been so much change and focus on the label? Because nothing is as important to a wine's brand's identity as its label. One would think that the juice's nectar is the most important. That's not completely true. Because, today's consumers can't help but link their feelings about what is in the bottle to what is on the bottle. Therefore, in today's highly competitive world market, the wine label is more crucial than ever.

Some wineries a creating labels with a pull off tab so you can remember a good bottle. Brilliant idea!

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Warren Allan Johnson said...

Michele & Colleen,

I think the tear-off and keep part of wine bottle labels is a great idea to remember an experience, as well as to encourage repeat business. And I'd agree that the brand (or the feelings invoked thereby) is often more important than the nectar itself, as I discussed regarding fruit juices at

I also wanted to say "Hey" to Columbus. I just got back from there this weekend after enjoying a lecture by Jeff Smith at OU with an illustrator from CCAD. Columbus is a creative town and a great place to launch an agency fusing talents in marketing & PR.

Best regard,

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