Monday, May 26, 2008

Portal Mega Sites Create Focused Niche

Internet portal giants like AOL and Yahoo are moving away from the one place serves all mentality and are creating dozens of niche sites targeted for individuals and their passion points. AOL now offers sites for young men - Asylum, as well as parents, specific music genres, sports and fashion. Yahoo followed suit recently launching Shine for the women 25-54 demographic.

The reason . . . mega portals are not well targeted and material is mass produced for the general public. By creating specific points of interest, or niches, active traffic is driven to the site. Visitors will stay on the site longer creating more click throughs. They will also voluntarily use word of mouth marketing by recommending the site to other viewers with the same interests.

This new direction will attract more advertising revenue for the site because advertisers are more likely to spend their budget on a site that "fits" with their product. Advertisers find the site's niche focused approach appealing because they can tap into each visitor's passion points recruiting more customers. A financial win for everyone.

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