Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Put down the mouse and go play with a real mouse!

Okay, so maybe playing with mice is gross, but I probably did that as a kid.  What I am really trying to get at is the need for kids to get outside.  People are constantly trying to figure out what is wrong with kids these days- they are depressed, obese, anxious, hyper, stressed, and who knows what else.  The answer is simple, they need to get outside!  My favorite childhood memories revolve around nature- camping, building forts, digging for clay, fishing, and MUCH more.  The concept of "Nature-deficit disorder" and its affect on children and society is discussed in Richard Louv's book, Last Child in the Woods 

Interestingly, this national bestseller cites Camp Fire USA's Central Ohio Council as an example of how to combat the problem.  The council has a goal of getting 10,000 kids into the woods by 2010.  Camp Wyandot is one of their most popular programs for central Ohio children to reunite children and nature at a week-long camp in nearby beautiful Hocking Hills.  What better way to get kids off the computer and inspire creativity and an appreciation of the outdoors? 

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