Sunday, May 18, 2008

Race for the Cure - Koman Columbus

Race for the Cure Columbus - another successful event!

In my opinion Race for the Cure is an event all non-profits should use as a model. Not because of the millions of dollars raised or the record breaking number of participants - although that is something to admire. What makes this event a stellar model for all non-profits is their event sponsorships.

Race for the Cure creates a tier of sponsorship levels. It has a national presenting sponsor and national series sponsors at the tip of the tier. Everything else follows down from their. The rest of the levels is up to the local city. Koman Columbus tiers exceptionally well. They secure a local presenting sponsor, Grocer, Team Challenge and Pink Diamond sponsors, then quite a few Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsors. They have Media sponsors (ALL network TV stations, radio, cable), as well as special friends, pink light and street corner sponsors.

Not only do they offer various sponsorships for any donor type, but proper benefits and brand imaging are given based on the type of sponsorship. Also, by securing media sponsorships early in the planning they are creating an inventory which appeals to sponsors. This approach is what will secure the most sponsors, make the most money, make the most impact and will keep them coming back year after year keeping retention rates high.

Another thing that keeps sponsorship retention high . . . immediate recognition. The next day Koman Columbus thanked every sponsor, and supporter in a full page ad in the Sunday Dispatch listing out each sponsor in their prominently placed tier.

Nicely done Koman Columbus and congrats on another successful Race for the Cure!

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