Thursday, May 22, 2008

Summer Concert Tour Sponsorships

This summer many national acts will sing their way across the country or be a part of a huge music event in a large city. Along with an entourage, their sponsorships will also be close by their side. Concert sponsorship is big bucks. Sponsors don't just randomly select a musician because they like their music. They spend quite a bit of time performing market research on audience demographics, their interests and habits. They use the concert goers to test market new products, fill out surveys to rate their new brand image and brand awareness and most importantly they prospect for new customers. Very much niche marketing.

We thought it might be interesting to see what artist(s) each sponsor paired up with. Do you think these pairings make a perfect niche match?

Kenny Chesney sponsored by Corona Extra
John Mayer sponsored by Blackberry
Jonas Brothers sponsored by Burger King
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sponsored by KC Masterpiece and Kingsford
Warped Tour '08 sponsored by Vans
American Idol Tour sponsored by Pop Tarts
Essence Music Festival sponsored by Coca-Cola
Lollapalooza sponsored by AT&T

Looks like a perfect niche match to us.

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