Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ads at the Big Screen

Have you gone to the movies to see one of summer's big blockbusters yet? Did you notice all the consumer ads during your night out? Be on the lookout, advertisers are beginning to invade the theatre like some alien in a horror movie.

Not only will the big screen show more commercials before the movie, but now you will start seeing more brands popping up in the theatre lobby, auditorium and concession stands. Expect to see brands from categories that include automotive, broadcast/cable, packaged goods, insurance, and retail stores. Apparently, using off-screen ads in concert with on-screen ads creates a very memorable ROI, or so they say (whoever they are).

The next time you get a popcorn at your favorite flick don't be surprised if the Crest toothpaste logo is brightly displayed on the bag. After all, you need their product to help get the kernels out of your teeth.