Thursday, June 26, 2008

Burrito Marketing

Yesterday evening Chipotle gave out free burritos from 5p-8p. We passed two locations and the lines basically went around the building a couple times. Looking at the patrons in line we'd say the average age was 22. Chipotle is burrito generous to this demographic in many other unique ways as well:
  • Dress like a burrito - get a free one
  • Wear a Chipotle t-shirt to a restaurant - get a free burrito
  • Stop in on Homecoming or Prom night and young women wearing gowns get a free burrito
  • They even give away free burritos on a new restaurants opening day
A smart target marketing ploy by the makers of Mexican deliciousness. Get them in the door, feed them good free food, and they become your advertisers. Chipotle uses their product in return for word of mouth marketing. This is not only cheaper than buying big billboards or radio ads, but this is a sure fire way to grab the attention of their target market.

Little expense, big buzz, really smart. Great, now I'm hungry!

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