Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Critique: Ohio Credit Union League Campaign

The Ohio Credit Union League's awareness campaign ("The difference, YOU) is a clear attempt to reach out to a younger audience.  The fun, simple website is professional but not boring and does not overload the viewer with information.  Just "who we are and why you should care" - a great place to introduce a college student or busy professional to the world of credit unions, but not bore them to death with financial jargon.  The commercials follow the same style- with Bob the Credit Union guy, a smiley dude you can trust, telling everyone he runs into about how Ohio's Credit Unions are all about the members (you).  I think the message will be well received by the intended audience, especially with a simultaneous PR push on the local level.  You have to be pretty creative to make the topic of Credit Unions fun and interesting!