Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finding Freedom at Work- TIME website

This article, which discusses an approach to work called "ROWE" (Results-Only Work Environment) caught our attention for several reasons.   Anyone who has worked in a traditional office environment has experienced the unfair practices, pointless meetings, and overall inefficiency that comes with the enforced 9 to 5 mentality.  The article sums it up well in the following sentence.  Work is not a place you go; it's something you do.

That is why hiring a consultant can be effective and efficient.  Example:  You need help marketing your upcoming anniversary event with new materials, PR help, social marketing, and an overall call to action.  Milestones don't happen every day, so it's worth the cost to get an expert involved in the campaign.  Once you have your objective and goals in place, it's simple. Explain your needs, negotiate a price, and every aspect of the project gets done.  It's your choice how much you want to be involved - from brainstorming, updates, meetings or simply focusing on the results.  No worries about HR issues, power struggles, wasted time online, vacation and sick time, or useless meetings.  Not only does the campaign succeed but this way of thinking saves the entire company valuable time.  

It is inspiring to hear about these two women and their vision coming to fruition at a large company like Best Buy.  Hopefully this flexible and fair approach will continue to catch on. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sure employees would agree - telecommuting saves so much money especially with these gas prices!

Cali said...

This is a revolution whose time has come.

ROWE is the future - for businesses and for PEOPLE!

Who's with us?

Cali & Jody