Sunday, June 8, 2008

GEE Ohio State University

Should THE Ohio State University change its name to GEE Ohio State University?

E. Gordon Gee - University President, Leader, Visionary, Rock Star. The University loves him, the State loves him, the students and alumni love him.

Gordon Gee is great for the OSU brand! Why? He is smart, a CEO, philosopher, is charismatic, a salesman, educator, is witty, a politician and lawyer. But more than that, he knows how to appeal to everyone and is touchable. So touchable he enjoys fun time with the students, like in February when the students played "Wii with Gee" during a video game competition. Gee brings the OSU brand to life.

Gee stands behind OSU and believes it starts with him. His goals over the next few years are many, but what stood out to us was his goal to change the image of Ohio State University making it the "University of the American Dream". He wants to create an image of Ohio State as the "single-minded university with worldwide reach" rather than an array of academic courses.

If anyone can do it, Gee can. And when he does, he can add brand strategist and brand marketing to his list of descriptive adjectives. Or, he can contact columbus imPRessions for assistance - we'd be happy to help! :)

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Anonymous said...

Tressel, Archie and Gee, why WOULDN'T one go to OSU???