Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to Reach the Hippie Market

It can be tough to reach "hippies" when marketing a product or service.  These unconventional, young liberals reject the norm and ignore advertising.  They don't want their thoughts controlled like the rest of society so how do we reach them?!  

Well, we know where to find them on June 27th, 28th, & 29th... Comfest!

Community Festival is free non-corporate urban music and arts festival at Goodale Park near downtown Columbus.  These event goers do not want to see paper wasted on flyers or corporate advertisements on the stages while listening to local bands.  But with so many young people gathered in one place, it is a great time to get some exposure for your brand.   
Some unique marketing ideas for a unique audience:
  • Temporary tattoos- there is often a lot of skin shown at the festival, could be a great place to "expose" your brand.
  • Beach balls- sneak your logo on them and toss them into a crowd.
  • Dog toys- there are typically tons of muts running around the park, put your logo on a toy and it might make its way into a bohemian home.
Seems like the perfect market for a kickball league- maybe we will see a few red rubber balls with the gokickball logo bouncing around all weekend.  

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