Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kmart Short Stories

So last night I was watching House Hunters on HGTV. Yes I do love to try and pick which house they will end up buying - I try not to pick the "Whang" (pronounced Wong) house. Only those who watch the show will appreciate my weak attempt at humor.

Between segments they ran a series of advertisements for KMart. These ads caught my attention because they were actual short stories and each one ended with - "to be continued". Because the short stories were on HGTV they were of course about home improvement and decorating. I love home improvement and decorating so I found these short stories very interesting. This one was about a mom's 40th birthday and how their patio needed a makeover. So, for her birthday they surprised her not only with a patio makeover but a surprise party as well. They split this up into three different segments and in the end the mom was obviously pleasantly surprised.

In between each segment I was looking forward to seeing what would come next. I felt like I was watching a design show within a design show. Wait a minute, I was actually excited and anticipating seeing a commercial. Wow, crazy. Then to take my craziness even further, I tried to Google the ad series but came up with nothing. In this Internet age I was very surprised I couldn't find a thing on this - not even at the Kmart, HGTV House Hunters or DraftFCB (which I believe is their agency) web sites. Go figure.

Anyway, major points goes to their ad agency who bundled this passion, target and niche marketing package into an interesting ad series. It had my attention and made me want to spruce up my backyard deck area for summer celebrating!

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