Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Live Work Play Columbus

The Columbus Chamber created a really cool site for relocation resources and to discover why Columbus is the best of everything - http://www.liveworkplaycolumbus.com/. The information in the site is great - very informative.

While the content in the site is great, the actual web site itself needs more definition, more identity. Even though they do admit that the site is still growing and more "things" will be added every day there are a couple quick changes we'd suggest they make.

  1. The menu bar is hidden under the screen fold - should be moved up for easier and clearer navigation.
  2. There is no visual interest to give it an identity - a logo or image should be created. Maybe there is one but we did not see it anywhere on the site.
  3. The site needs to be clear and unique to what it is and where it is. When we googled live work play Columbus images we got an image for Columbus, INDIANA - live, work, play. Very similar and could be confusing in cyber world.
  4. Most importantly, the site needs to create a strong brand.

The site is "selling" Columbus, Ohio and the benefits of living, working and playing here. This makes Columbus the brand and it needs to be strong. Using a mixture of attributes, tangible and intangible creating value and influence will build brand strength.

This site must use the value of Columbus to create an on-line experience so intriguing it will influence people to visit the site as they decide to relocate here, as well as influence residents who already live here to frequently visit this site to learn more about our fine city.

Creating a unique identity and more definition to the site will draw people to the site. Then visitors will read the great content. Appeal to the masses with strong brand and watch the visitor count soar.


Patrick said...

I noticed a couple of other things too.

The paragraph below the images starts out "When it comes to great cities, many are better than Columbus at one thing." I think you should never admint a negative period, nonetheless start it out in your first sentence. That sticks out to me, and because I love Columbus, it makes me mad.

Also...."The best of everything." Did they steal that from Dominion Homes, which has been running that tag line for years?

Also, the State of Ohio had a similar branding strategy last year before it was scrapped when the new Governor took over. It talked about Living, Working, and Playing in Ohio. Now I think they call it "The Perfect Balance." Maybe they are related for a reason???

Anonymous said...

Put Gee's face on it...he's got it going on.

columbus imPRessions said...

Great points Patrick! We agree - starting out with a negative or including anything negative when you are trying to "sell" how great Columbus is is not a smart move! We have LOTS to be proud of in our great city.

So not to steal from Dominion Homes how about this tag - "No muss no fuss it's great in Columbus!" And Gee can do the voice over adding the cherry on top! :)

Anonymous said...