Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Non-Profit On-line Fundraising

This deal just in . . .

Just a few days ago it was announced that Blackbaud bought popular non-profit on-line CMS system Kintera for just a mere $46 million dollars!

Apparently Kintera was struggling. We saw it. We went from great customer service to just about no customer service in the last two years. Maybe that's because every year they laid off more and more employees.

What does this mean for non-profits? Hopefully this will be nothing but positive. The buyout should not change the service and Blackbaud will continue to offer a full range of solutions to meet nonprofits’ needs with Raiser’s Edge. Kintera’s “Friends Asking Friends” on-line team fundraising should stay in tact for organizations that use these programs to grow their base of supporters.

The greatest part of this whole IT talk (I know I'm dorkulating) . . .

If non-profits have Raiser's Edge as their database, on-line fundraising with friends asking friends should be transparent and now they should be able to capture ALL donors without housing two seperate databases. I know that's music to some non-profit's ears.

I must sign off, I just dropped my pocket protector and my pens fell all over the floor. just kidding. :)