Tuesday, June 24, 2008

OSU's Official Coffee is Crimson not Scarlet

Ohio State University has named Columbus, Ohio owned CrimsonCup Coffee as the official coffee of OSU. CrimsonCup will be served at the cafe in the new Thompson Library when it opens in 2009, as well as the Science and Engineering Laboratory, the OSU MarketPlace on Neil and the new Warner Library and Student Center on the Newark campus. This is all a part of the OSU's Eat Global, Buy Local campaign. OSU works to do as much as they can with local industry to support the Ohio economy.

So does it taste good? They proclaim it's the world's best coffee. Can't wait to try it. What we like about this coffee without even taking one sip yet . . .

It's values. CrimsonCup believes in leaving people feeling better. They are community focused and very philanthropic helping groups like Junior Achievement, Coffee Kids, and the United States Military. By browsing their web site looks like they have a great sense of humor too!

Sounds like a great brand all around and OSU made the right decision to partner with this local company. Can't wait to have our first cup of the perfectly roasted bean!