Friday, June 27, 2008

Peace Out Jingle Houses!

An article in Adweek discusses how popular and up & coming musicians are shutting out jingle houses with so many advertisers paying for new and popular music. The title "Jingle Houses Compete Against Coldplay" caught my attention, as Coldplay is my favorite band. (Sidenote: they are performing right now on the Today Show as I write). I think the Apple's itunes "Viva La Vida" advertisement is a clear example of a successful marketing partnership but mostly because it makes sense. Apple and Coldplay share a common young adult audience who are interested in music and technology. On the other hand, I could see the rejection that could happen when a talented artist takes a licensing deal for something like constipation medication (clearly for the $).

The article also mentions how advertisements are able to expose new artists in a way they never would have reached before. I strongly support this, as my itunes library has expanded due to this phenomena. My personal example of discovering a new fave while watching tv: last year's zune commercial featuring Rogue Wave. Thank you zune advertising firm! I am so glad I caught this commercial, with my laptop in front of me ready to download this amazing track. I am guessing that is exactly what they had hoped would happen.

Any thoughts from the public... sellouts? great strategy for exposure? favorite bands discovered on tv?

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Anonymous said...

I found Ben Lee's - All in this Together from a Kohl's TV commercial. Great tune!