Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pink Lemonade Brigade

Today at the Little League baseball field I came across a lemonade stand all decked out with signs and pink balloons. At first I thought it was just a couple kids trying to make a buck on a hot day at the ballpark. But when I looked closer I realized that it was actually the Pink Lemonade Brigade.

This one-day event held today united children all across America to raise funds for a variety of charities. Crayons All Natural Beverage Company supplied the first 1,000 child registrants with a free lemonade stand and 120 cans of its popular all natural Tickled Pink Lemonade.

Very smart company because everyone wins. All funds raised are donated to the child's charity of choice, the child learns responsibility and philanthropy and the company gets a ton of PR awareness in a very unique way.

Check out this Bellevue, Washington company's website to learn more about this really cool company and their products.

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