Monday, June 2, 2008

Virtually Branding Is Reality

Virtual gifts - small icons that you can give to other Facebook members to be displayed on their pages in the “wall” section as well as a new gift area.

Making its debut in February, Facebook members could send friends a virtual gift "while supplies last". Gifts can be sent to friends for $1.00.

Corporate brands are now getting into the virtual gift game and they often pay the cost of the gift because the reality is, it is paying off big for their brands.

Take Ben and Jerry's ice cream for example . . .

Ben & Jerry's recently supported its annual "Free Cone Day" with a summer treat. A month prior to the April 29 event, Ben & Jerry's created a Facebook virtual ice cream cone with the company's logo on it. All 250,000 cones were gone in 11 hours. As a result, the company doubled its offering. That amount was depleted by 2 a.m. the next morning. They gave away 500,000 virtual cones, and in real life, gave away about a million.

This word of mouth marketing campaign was a winner because people trust their friends. If they are going to send a virtual cone then the real thing must be great too.

A new option for social marketing as other corporate brands like Sunkist and Paramount Pictures are following suit with a virtual orange soda and virtual Indiana Jones fedora.

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