Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Caffine, Clutter and Brand Confusion

Starbucks is struggling, they seem confused. So confused in fact that six local locations are closing their doors:
  1. 601 N. High St. in Columbus
  2. 6144 E. Main St. in Columbus
  3. 7561 Sawmill Road in Dublin
  4. 530 N. High St. in Worthington
  5. 1505 W. Fifth Ave. in Columbus
  6. 925 N. State St. in Westerville
Maybe its because they seem to have lost their focus, moving away from what they know best - good, strong, expensive coffee that people love. Instead, they've tried their hand at music, temporarily used a nostalgic logo, and now are selling smoothies and cheaper coffee.

The brand that led the market for so long and actually created the social coffee experience has lost its way. We understand that in order to stay with the times you need to change with the times. But maybe instead of introducing so many new things maybe they should have enhanced what they already know - focus on making great coffee while improving and building on the coffee social experience. Create trendy, unique ways to draw people in and make them linger. Find ways to turn their great coffee into a great experience.

We hope the Starbucks brand can cut through the clutter and confusion and find their way back soon.

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Patrick said...

I have to think Satrbucks will be back. I am sure this is a presumptive measure, as the economy continues to weaken. Responsible Americans who are paying $4 per gallon in gas and are seeing their grocery bills increase have to cut back somewhere. When coffee was posh, people did not mind paying upwards of $3 - $5 per Grande per day. Now, that cost seems unreasonable, and its back to folgers crystals.