Monday, July 21, 2008

Columbus Clippers Sponsorship Opportunities

The Columbus Clippers new baseball park is moving along nicely. You can check out its progress here.

As construction continues a new type of construction begins . . . constructing sponsorships for the field. Huntington Bank paid $12 million for the naming rights as the park will be called Huntington Park and the scoreboard is already sponsored by the Dispatch Printing Company. Others that have stepped up - Nationwide sponsoring the concourse, AEP sponsoring rooftop bleachers, Mt. Carmel Health sponsoring first-aid station, Time Warner a media area. So what is left you ask?

Well there is a fan bar, kid's play area, water fountain, info booth. Maybe they'll throw in base sponsorships or maybe a home run sponsor.

Actually a home run sponsor is not a bad idea. Why not every time the Clippers hit a home run the sponsor makes a donation to their favorite local charity. They could either pick a different charity a year or a different charity for each home game. Then the charity would be highlighted at each home game. It's a win, win for everyone. The Clippers look like they are giving back, the sponsor not only gives back but is recognized multiple times and the charity gets assistance.

Sounds good to us! I'm sure mascot LouSeal would give his "seal" of approval.

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