Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eat Chinese Get Free Lip Gloss

CoverGirl has created a two in one lip gloss.  Wetslicks Amazemint has co-branded with another Procter & Gamble brand Crest.  This two in one product creates healthy, beautiful smiles.   Its tagline "It's not a lip gloss. It's a smile treatment" plays on consumer confidence.  

The smartest part of this co-branded product is the way they created awareness - fusion marketing at its finest . . .

Back in late June and early July, 1000 random women dining at eight PF Chang China Bistro across the country (no Columbus was not one of the cities) received a free tube of the new gloss with dinner.  A very unique way to create a test market and start word of mouth marketing. 

And with Crest peppermint oil in the mix I'm sure these women were happy to use this product after eating the garlic seasoned Dan Dan Noodles. 

This fresh and tasty product is in stores now! 

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