Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Everyone Loves a House Party!

Wanna get some friends together at your house to try a new product or get a sneak peek of your favorite tv show? House Party makes it easy by sending event hosts a free party package so that guests can experience a product, along with thousands of other homes where parties are taking place at the same time! Some upcoming event examples include: A Fisher-Price Play Date House Party, Taste of Grey Poupon House Party, Get Creative with Cannon House Party, and much more. Convinced? I was (accidentally). I was looking around on the site for marketing insight and found myself applying to host the Grey Poupon party!

House Party has created an innovative approach to stay on top in the constantly evolving marketing world. They have found a way to answer some never-ending challenges that marketers face: How do we reach our target? How do we impact consumers without forcing a brand down their throat? How can we engage them in the brand? How can we get consumers to experience a product? How can we turn consumers into brand ambassadors who continuously spread the word about our product?

I would love to take this concept and bring it to a local level. Any ideas blog readers?

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Anonymous said...

Funny because I was just approached by someone to host a House Party to promote voting in the '08 election. The idea would be to get as many people together in my community, have them over for a "house party" and discuss the candidates. This might be an idea to promote an organization. For instance, host a "house party", serve light food and bev, discuss the organization's mission and philosophy, and maybe even collect a few donations towards the org??? Very interesting...