Monday, July 28, 2008

Inking Sponsorships

With all the Olympic excitement I have been watching more sporting events than normal.  This weekend I found myself watching some men's beach volleyball.  This sport is Top Gun at its best!

What surprised me was the amount of sponsorship for the event.  AVP has so many official sponsors.  Banners all around the court that switch in between matches proudly display logos from Bud Light, McDonald's, and Banana Boat.  Even the line judges are wearing Crocs to show support for the title sponsor.  

But what amazed me the most was the sponsor's logos as temporary tattoos strategically placed on each players forearms.  I guess with the lack of clothing to show off sponsorship logos the next logical thing to do would be to temporarily ink the skin of each player.  

I'm sure it gets the attention of all the ladies! 

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