Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nonprofit Game of Tag

It's all in the tagline.  A tagline is a quick phrase that tells what your organization is about. Taglines can strengthen and reinforce your brand, help describe what you do, and reinforce your organization's name or mission in the minds of your prospects and supporters.

Don't have a tagline.  Here are some suggestions when creating one:
  • Make sure your tagline is consistent with your organization's name, positioning statement and key messages
  • Use action word and emphasize emotion
  • Ensure your tagline is easy to say and spell and sounds pleasant
  • Be specific as possible
  • Stand behind your tagline and keep it for 7-10 years
Still need assistance on creating your tagline?  columbus imPRessions can help.  Just email us at

A couple weeks ago 12 nonprofits were just honored for their taglines. Some of our favorites who won are:

"Where Actors Find Their Space" - New York City Theatre Spaces
"Improving Life, One Breath at a Time" - American Lung Association
"Grounded in Tradition . . . Open to the Spirit" - Memphis Theological Seminary
"The Art of Active Aging" - EngAGE

View the other winners here  

Some of our other favorite tag lines:

"Finding Cures. Saving Children" - St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
"Protecting Nature. Preserving Life." The Nature Conservancy
"Share the Power of A Wish" - The Make-A-Wish Foundation

Feel free to comment on any of these taglines or let us know one of your favorites.   

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