Friday, July 25, 2008

Site NOT Unseen

Did you ever notice the Site Meter icon on our website?  It's located on the right-hand column about 1/2 way down.  This icon is a great tool that we snagged for free from the wonderful world of the web.  

What is Site Meter you ask . . . Site Meter is a real time web tracking and counter tool.  With this tool we can see exactly who is visiting our site, exactly where they are from, what pages they are viewing, how long they are visiting, what they are searching, etc.  It is excellent data to have to see what posts are evoking reaction, what posts are attention grabbers, and what posts are being referred to others.

Sometimes we post on hot topics to see what type of attention it gets.  For example, we did a post about a campaign that was created by a NYC ad agency.  That day we had numerous unique visitors from the ad agency who created the campaign.  Seeing the immediate reaction was very cool.  Ahh, the power of the web.

Site Meter is free and we would recommend anyone, especially nonprofits to use this tool.  It not only keeps track of your traffic, it actually keeps accurate count of who is visiting your site and how many times.  This is a great benefit to share with potential corporate donors.  The more visitors you can show that come to your site the better chance you have of securing the title sponsor of your next event.

We check our Site Meter frequently and would like to give a social networking "shout out" to our frequent visitors.  We know who you are!

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